Keep It Natural

There's something about a natural fabric that gets me so excited for summer. I've always loved raw edged linen, espadrilles, canvas bags and rope sandals for holiday. And what with my Ibiza trip imminent, I'm looking for a few last minute accessories to throw in my suitcase.
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Bag lady

Actually, this post isn't about my bag at all (although that's nice too). It's about another sort of bag: the paper bag waist.
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Denim addict

Somewhere in the last year, I stopped looking at skinny jeans. I don't know when it happened, and I'm definitely not ruling them out forever but I keep repeat buying a more looser, relaxed style.
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New year, big bag

Well I do love a cliche...and not least Fashion Blogger with a teeny tiny bag. Mainly because I am too cheap to spend money on the larger size of bags and I am just drawn to those cute, mini camera cross-body bags.
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Layer me softly

I must admit, this is pretty much the first time since Christmas day I've actually worn anything without an elasticated waist. M&S cashmere track pants were my holiday friend, and I couldn't completely give up the comfort clothes for my first outfit post of 2017.
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Powder pink girl

As much as I love a grey crew-neck jumper, I've been swapping it for a pink one these last few months. The perfect accompaniment to soften jeans and trainers, it also works well with metallics.
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